How To Move Your Belongings to Another Country

Moving to another country isn’t easy. Depending on where you’re moving and the reason behind it, you have a lot you need to take care of. This entire process can get overwhelming. There are so many things you need to get in order, and you need to ensure the safety of your belongings. We can tell you everything you need to know about moving your belongings to another country.

Assess Your New Home Strategically

Moving to another country presents some challenges. For one, viewing and visiting your new home before you move will be difficult. Unless you are a millionaire, making multiple trips to tour apartments probably won’t be possible. If you’re lucky, you can schedule at least one visit before you move in, but if not, you’ll need to rely on other tactics.

Set up as many virtual tours as you can. You need to see the ins and outs of your new home. Make the appointments during different times of the day. Houses and neighborhoods look different during the day versus at night. Request photos and detailed descriptions of each room in the house to review.

Have an inspector provide you with a report on the gas, plumbing, electricity, and other utilities you need to check. Getting an overall view of your new home will help you decide on all the things you need to transport.

Ask about the surrounding area too. You need to know the proximity of things to your home. Since you’re new to the area, try to find a location that’s in the center of everything. You want to travel and explore your new city, but you don’t want the grocery store to be a day trip. You need convenience with your new adventure.

Plan To Transport Your Items

The next item on the agenda is handling your possessions. Packing up absolutely everything you own and taking it with you is not realistic. Trying to accomplish this will create unnecessary stress. First things first, decide what to take and what to leave. Assess your belongings meticulously.

If your new home comes furnished, then you don’t need to bring the couch or your dining room set. Because sleep is essential and you’ll be in a new location, you’ll probably want some form of familiarity to remain comfortable, so you may want to bring your mattress.

If your new home feels like summer all year round, then leave the heavy clothes behind. Go through all your clothing and shoes and see what you want to bring. Consider donating some items so you can make room for a new wardrobe. You’ll want to try out the fashion there, so you need to make room in your closet.

Moving to another country takes time, planning, and assistance. You can’t make the journey by yourself, so hire a company you can trust to transport your items safely and efficiently. Capitol North American is one of the most reputable cross-country moving companies in Las Vegas. We help our customers relocate locally and internationally, and we can assist you through the whole process.

Assess Your Storage Options

If you have items you don’t want to bring but also don’t want to give away, investigate your storage options. You can either choose to store your items in your current area or your new location.

If available, try and find a storage facility in your new location. You never know if you’ll need to access some of your belongings quickly. However, if this is not an option, ask a friend or family member to look after your storage unit. Fill in their contact information on the documents you need to sign to rent the unit.

Inform the facility that, in the event of an emergency, they can contact your backup. You can place large items in your unit, and if you eventually want them in your new home, you can arrange to have them shipped out.

Prepare Your Finances

When moving to a new country, you need to assess your finances. If you have a savings account, you’ll probably start to dip into it during your move. Find out what it takes to transfer money abroad to your new country.

You will need to learn the exchange rate and conversion process. Choose the right transfer service so you don’t see your hard-earned money depleted to pennies.

Decide Between Air or Sea

Moving to a new country means you will be miles and miles away from your current location. You need to find a mode of transportation for your belongings. You can choose between air freight or sea freight.

Air Freight

Air freight is one option for transporting your cargo overseas, but it is expensive, so keep this in mind when deciding. You’ll need to incorporate these extra expenses into your budget. Airplanes have weight restrictions, so you may be limited on how much you can transport. Even after you have slimmed down your possessions, you may still have trouble fitting all your items on one flight.

Air is faster than sea freight, which benefits you because your belongings will already be at your new location when you arrive. This way, you can start unpacking and getting your new place together sooner rather than later.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is cheaper than air freight and a more common shipping method. The costs for shipping your belongings via sea include the container hire and transportation fees. The total cost will depend on the weight and size of your items.

Try and assess your items accurately so you can provide the company with a representation of what you’ll ship. International moving companies will arrange to send the container to your home, and once they load it up, they’ll transport the container to the port.

In terms of the shipping containers, you have two options: Full Container Load and Less than Container Load. You will make the decision based on the number of items you ship.

Uprooting your household is a challenge, and making it an overseas expedition adds more pressure. Hopefully, you feel a little more capable now that you know how to move your belongings to another country. Visit our website for more information.

How To Move Your Belongings to Another Country