How to Simplify Your Move to a New Office

No matter the size of your company, moving to a new office can be a stressful experience unless you’re prepared for every facet of the move. Nobody will ever describe moving office as an enjoyable, fun activity, but it all becomes worth it once you’ve finally moved. As soon as you’ve completed the move, you can begin thinking about investing in new furniture and other accessories to make your office the most stunning place possible. Increasingly popular trends in many modern offices include think tanks; soundproof office phone booths designed to maximize productivity and eliminate distractions. This may be the sort of addition you’re looking to make to your new office, but I’m sure you’re mostly focused on moving for the moment. Making a mistake or two is almost assured to happen when you move, but your mistakes can be heavily limited by following a few simple tips and guidelines.

Create a Detailed Timeline and a Proper Budget

The easiest way to make a mistake when moving to a new office is by accidentally overlooking a step and forgetting something during the transition, such as properly labeling all of the boxes or hiring the office movers in Las Vegas early enough. By creating a detailed timeline that highlights every aspect of the packing and moving that needs to be done, you will have a checklist that you can go back to that will ensure you don’t miss a step in the process. This timeline needs to be as detailed as possible, although you should leave some room for unexpected issues that might arise during the move. It’s also essential that you make a proper budget for the move so as to avoid any shocks when you receive the final bill. Make sure to factor in everything from the cost of hiring movers to the cost of packing supplies.

Organization Is Key When Packing

Packing up a home when getting ready to move to a new location always requires a substantial amount of organization in order to get it right, which is all the more important when packing an office. When packing an office, everything needs to be organized and packaged properly so that you can get your office up and running in a short period of time once you’ve moved to your new location. Any day without an office is a day of lost revenue, which is a common issue that proper packing and organization will help you avoid. Make sure that you keep a spreadsheet and master checklist of all items in your office as well as which items are in the different boxes. All boxes should be properly labeled as well. Once the new furniture is moved into the new office, you’ll want to keep it clean. This means hiring a company like green facilities may be beneficial, particularly if you don’t want to do the cleaning yourself!

Don’t Neglect Communication With Employees

If you have employees, a surefire way to make sure that the move goes off without a hitch is to communicate with your employees regularly and make sure that they all know which roles they have to play during the move. Don’t hesitate to delegate certain moving tasks to specific employees, as trying to do everything yourself will only lead to disaster. Consider holding meetings on a regular basis with these employees as a means of updating them about progress with the move.