Three Reasons to Relocate Your Office During the Holiday Season

For many businesses, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. For service-oriented businesses such as accounting, information technology, roofing and others, the holiday season is much slower. When planning a relocation, office movers in Las Vegas can efficiently complete your move during the holidays and minimize disruptions to your work schedule.

Fewer Workers in the Office

The movers will be able to work more efficiently when there are fewer workers in your office space. This means that the equipment, computers, furniture and other items can get packed with fewer people in the way. Your workers will not have the frustration of dealing with extra noise or items that they need being already packed and on a moving truck. Once the holidays are over, your employees will be able to report to the new location with everything ready to go. If there will not be fewer workers in the office, look into working from home options or making them take paid leave. If you’re worried about certain tasks not being completed with so many workers at home during this period, don’t panic. With the help of online payroll services, jobs that would otherwise be done by the employees can be outsourced.

Your Clients Are Taking Time Off

In the white-collar and blue-collar worlds outside of retail sales, many businesses take some time off during the holidays. Employees may want time off to spend with their families. When you know that you will not have to complete any projects or start any new ones during the holiday season, that downtime is ideal for doing the more mundane business activities of accounting, inventorying, and relocating without disturbing your usual productivity and workflow systems. Of course though, you can always outsource these jobs, such as the accounting, to other companies/services. This way you’ll have fewer jobs to worry about and you can focus on the moving.

Growing in the New Year

Another benefit of moving during the holiday season is that your business will have more room to expand in the new year. Many moving expenses may be able to be deducted from your business taxes, which could help with your quarterly earnings reports. If you are trying to lure in some new partners or investors, having a good year-end statement could promote even more growth for the coming fiscal year.