Las Vegas moving

To make your corporate move proceed smoothly, pay close attention to every detail when choosing a moving company and changing your address.

3 Tips for Planning a Corporate Move

If you’ve been put in charge of a corporate office relocation, you know how time-consuming the process can be. From ordering new equipment to shipping the old stuff, large-scale moving projects require organization. Here are a few tips that are sure to help you stay on top of things as you plan your company’s move. Something that would make this process a little easier would be using ‘Digital Twins’, which uses technologies to create a visual of your new building and allow you to see what kind of systems you will need. It also allows your building to be efficient, safe, and secure. You can find out more about this type of technology, for your business. This should hopefully make the relocation feel easier, without having to worry about the new building and any features you may have missed from human errors.

Choose a Moving Company

Perhaps the most important component of the corporate moving process is choosing the right moving company. When searching for a Las Vegas moving company, look for one that has the experience you need. Because corporate moves often involve the transport of expensive equipment, you need a moving company that has practice packing and shipping commercial equipment. You should also try to hire your chosen company early. Give yourself at least one to three months to select and hire the perfect company.

Discard What You Don’t Need

It’s tempting to bring everything with you from one office to the next. But corporate moves are actually a great opportunity to get rid of everything your company doesn’t need. You can also donate equipment that is no longer in use. Talk to office accountants about the donation first, however, as you may be able to use it as a tax write-off.

Remember to Use Your New Address

After your move, you’re going to have a brand-new address. This address will need to be newly affixed to letterhead, mailing materials, and business cards. Your company’s website will also need an update. To make sure all the business materials are updated in a timely fashion, make sure to purchase new versions at least a week before the move is scheduled to take place. You will also need to give your new address and phone number to clients, vendors, suppliers, and other business contacts. Contact them before the move to prevent any mishaps. As long as you plan your move and stay on schedule, your company’s transition is sure to go smoothly.