Making Moves Less Stressful for Animals

As a general rule, no person looks forward to moving day because of the stress and anxiety it brings. Moving with an animal can be even harder because you have to manage both the animal itself and the stress that it could be feeling. The good news is that there are steps that you can take to reduce stress for both yourself and your animal.

Know What Triggers Your Animal’s Anxiety

To help a pet move with as little stress as possible, it is important to know what triggers its anxiety. For instance, your dog may not like being locked in a room or kept on a leash outside when there are a lot of strange people coming in and out. By knowing what will keep your pet calm, you can develop a plan that will make moving in a timely manner an easier goal to accomplish. To help make this move easier for your dog, maybe looking into the idea of using cannabis for dogs could be worth it. There’s no harm in looking into solutions that can help make this move stress free for both you and your dog. To make life a little easier, you can get the cannabis in edible form, making ingestion easy and tasty. You can get them online and there are places such as edible Canada who also make human versions too. So if you’re both feeling a little stressed then this could be an easy solution.

Keep a Routine Going Through the Move

Another good way to keep an animal calm throughout the moving process is to keep its routine intact. If it gets a walk at noon, be sure to keep it on your schedule in the days before, during and after the transition to your new place. If you’re planning on throwing out the old dog bed or toys or elsewhere, then it can help to introduce the new ones before the move. This gives them a constant during the move alongside the routine. This is also a good time to give your pet extra playtime or other rewards for remaining calm during a stressful time.

Your Movers Can Take Steps to Help

There may be steps that moving companies in Las Vegas can take to help your animals stay calm. For instance, they could limit the number of trips it takes to load your things or make as little noise as possible. By keeping your animals relaxed throughout the process, it can keep both a pet and the movers safe while loading and unloading your things.