Minimizing Liability During a Corporate Move

Moving in itself can be stressful for anyone who has to go through it. This can be true whether your moving for personal or business reasons. Just as with a move to a new home or apartment, you need to anticipate as many problems as possible prior to your company’s move to a new space. Let’s take a look at some common problems that you may encounter.

A Customer or Employee Is Hurt

There are many ways in which a customer or employee could get hurt during a move. For instance, an item could fall off of a shelf or part of the shelf itself could come loose and hit someone. Employees could pull a muscle while carrying a heavy object or trip on something that was dropped during the truck loading process. Ideally, your business will either have liability coverage or take as many steps as possible to warn individuals about the move and the mess its causing.

An Employee Could Get Into an Accident

Employees who work long hours helping with a move could be too tired to drive home safely. If they get into an accident because of fatigue, your company could be partially or fully liable for damages. This may be true whether or not the accident occurred in a company vehicle. Therefore, make sure to limit an employee’s hours or provide safe transportation home. It may also make sense to hire a company that offers commercial moving in Las Vegas for help.

Do an Assessment Before the Move Begins

Ideally, you will take some time to assess any potential problems before you even start packing. This can help you identify key issues that should be taken care of or help you understand which tasks to delegate to outside professionals.