How To Choose the Right Storage Unit Size for Your Business

Moving your business to a new location is stressful and can have many moving parts. For example, after moving into a new building, you may have excess equipment to store in a separate location. If this occurs, you’ll want to find a secure storage unit that works best for your business needs.

Your storage unit should meet your size requirements and stay within your desired budget. If you choose a storage unit that’s too large, you’ll pay more for the unused space. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right storage unit size for your business.

Determine Your Reasons for Needing Commercial Storage

To find the perfect storage unit for your business, you should determine why you need commercial storage. If you expect your business to grow over time, choose a larger storage unit to fulfill your future needs.

If you need temporary storage for your move to a new location, you may opt for a smaller commercial storage unit. Determining your reasons for needing commercial storage will clarify your space requirements. You can communicate these requirements to a commercial storage specialist who can point you in the right direction.

Create a Preliminary Inventory of Your Storage Items

As mentioned above, commercial moves can cause people lots of stress. Once you begin the moving process, you may find yourself in over your head and unable to make rational decisions. The best way to deter stress while moving is to remain proactive and create a preliminary inventory of your storage items.

By creating an inventory list, you can remove any confusion or doubt and select a storage unit size based on your collected data. You should take measurements of any large furniture or equipment pieces you intend to store and make note of any oddly shaped items. These steps will help you determine the required square footage for your storage space.

Create a Visual Model of Storage Unit Sizes

Whether you have business or household storage needs, you may need help visualizing storage unit sizes. If you have difficulty conceptualizing space, you can create a visual model of different storage unit sizes using the following steps.

First, you take some painter’s or masker’s tape to mark off the size of your intended storage unit. Next, place your storage boxes and equipment into the marked-off area to determine if your items fit.

While this trick will help you create a visual model of your storage unit, you’ll need lots of space. Consult a commercial storage expert if you don’t have enough space to create a visual model. They can help you conceptualize a space and give you their opinion of your storage needs.

Businesses That Benefit From Commercial Storage

Businesses of all classifications and characteristics can benefit from commercial storage. Whether a business needs standard self-storage or warehouse storage depends on its chosen industry and the volume of equipment and inventory. Here’s a list of businesses that could benefit from commercial storage the most:

  • Home service businesses
  • Brick-and-mortar retail businesses
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Realtors and home staging businesses
  • Interior designers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical offices
  • Janitorial service companies

Top Reasons Why Businesses Need Commercial Storage

Besides freeing up space, many reasons others why businesses need commercial storage units exist. First, many businesses place their inventory, equipment, and furniture into storage rather than purchase additional office space. Using commercial storage space can act as a cost-cutting measure and free up additional capital for important business operations.

Besides saving money, businesses may need commercial storage to locate their operations strategically. Having a storage facility in a prime location can reduce the time you spend traveling back and forth to the office for office supplies, inventory, and equipment. If you work in the home service business, then having a commercial storage unit can reduce travel expenses and work commutes.

Finally, a commercial storage space can give your business the flexibility to expand naturally. If your business needs to increase its operations, you can use your existing storage space to meet this demand. You could also rent storage space in a different part of town if you need to relocate your business operations temporarily.

Tips for Organizing and Maintaining Your Business Storage Unit

Once you’ve determined how to choose the right storage unit size for your business, you’ll need to organize and maintain your business storage unit properly. Organization is key if you want to maximize the use of your storage facility. Here are some tips for organizing and maintaining your business storage unit.

Invest in Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

Investing in clear plastic storage boxes will improve the efficiency of your business storage unit. Clear plastic boxes allow you to see inside them more easily and find the items you need faster. Plastic storage boxes and bins also last longer than standard cardboard boxes and are more stable, making them suitable for stacking.

Install Freestanding Shelving Units

Another way to organize and maintain your storage unit is to install freestanding shelving units. Shelves free up additional space and allow you to use the full height of your storage unit. They make accessing boxes and important items easier and improve merchandise organization.

Get Secure Climate-Controlled Storage

Securing climate-controlled storage will protect important items from extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Climate-controlled storage provides peace of mind when storing valuable items and offers humidity protection for extra coverage. If you have important equipment or merchandise you need to store, then renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the only way to go.

Secure Storage and Warehouse Space Today

If you want to reserve a storage unit for your business, Capital North American has the services you need to safely and securely store your items. We provide various security services, including climate protection, a supervised sprinkler system, burglar alarm systems, and 24-hour video surveillance.

We also have a bar-coded location system that scans items in and out of the facility to ensure nothing goes missing on our watch. Call or message us through our website for more information about our commercial and residential storage facilities.

How To Choose the Right Storage Unit Size for Your Business