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How a Moving Company Can Protect Valuable Antiques

Depending on the age and condition, a simple piece of antique furniture can easily cost thousands of dollars or more. When you start planning a move, you probably worry about how you’ll get those precious items from one home to the next without any damage, particularly if you’ve just bought some new antiques from somewhere like retro revival shop! Antiques can also hold a sentimental value to some people, so it’s important that they get treated with care. Professional moving companies can eliminate some of those worries from your mind because they can special steps to protect your belongings.

Proper Packing

Though these moving companies use the right packing materials to protect your antiques, they will vary the materials used based on your antiques. When it comes to sofas, headboards and other large pieces of furniture such as something like this chest furniture for example, they will wrap the furniture in thick moving blankets that provide extra padding. That padding keeps the unique furniture from rubbing against the sides of the truck or against each other. If you have smaller pieces that you need kept safe, movers can wrap those items in bubble wrap, place the items in larger boxes and using packing peanuts on the inside.

Packing List

After working with other moving companies in Las Vegas, residents sometimes think they need to create their own detailed packing lists to keep track of what is on each truck. With the right company, you do not need a packing list because you can trust that the company will get everything from one point to the next. This helps them keep track of everything they put onto the truck and lets you rest assured that nothing gets lost during the move.


Insurance is another reason to hire a professional moving company. This insurance covers the loss of any item as well as any damage done to something you own. If your antique sofa develops a rip in the cushion during that move, you can file a claim. You’ll also have the option of filing a claim against any other damage that you notice when you get to your new home. Though moving with antique furniture may be more expensive, professional movers can make sure that your antiques retain their value.