Different Types of Packing Supplies for Your Move

Moving is all about preparation. If you go into it without a thought-out plan and everything you need to execute it, things will go wrong. No one wants to feel stressed out on a moving day, which is why you need to get organized. Let’s start with everything you need on the day. Here are different types of packing supplies for your move.


Of course, boxes are on the list. More is always better too. No one wants to run out of boxes while they’re in the middle of packing. However, it’s always good to get an estimate for your home.

A one-bedroom apartment will need about 20 boxes, a two-bedroom apartment needs 30, a three-bedroom household needs 50, and a four-bedroom home needs around 90 boxes. These aren’t exact, but they’re the jumping-off points you should consider.

Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Next up, you need bubble wrap and packing paper. Some people figure you only need one, but you should ideally get both. Both materials act as protection in different ways.

Pack away glass and fragile items with bubble wrap. If you want to save a couple of dollars, you can always use old newspapers as packing paper. Clothes, old linens, and junk mail also make great cushions.


If there’s one thing you should buy in abundance, it’s packing tape. You’ll always need more packing tape. There’s no way to know how much tape you’ll use when preparing for the move and on the actual moving day.

Cheap tape isn’t your friend because you’ll need to use more of it and run out pretty quickly. Start with about 10 rolls for a small-sized home and more for a large one.

Plastic Bags

People underestimate the use of plastic bags. Small sandwich bags are great for holding smaller items. You don’t want to place these items inside boxes loosely. The plastic bags contain them.

Place items like screws, nails, and other supplies you’ll need to assemble furniture inside the bags. It’s also a good idea to place your jewelry in here if you still don’t have the original containers.

Tool Set

Our Las Vegas movers and packers won’t disassemble all your large furniture sets, but there might be some things that need to break down. Here at Capitol North American, we’re all about transporting your items as safely as possible.

Get yourself a basic tool set with all the essentials. You’ll need screwdrivers, hammers, a utility box cutter, scissors, a tape measure, and pliers.

Make sure you get all these different types of packing supplies for your next move, and hire us to help you out. For more information, visit our website.