Knowing When to Use Storage That’s Climate Controlled

A good time to use climate-controlled storage is during the extreme weather months of the year. This typically means the summer and winter months. It also largely depends on what you’re storing. If you want secure storage of items that shouldn’t be exposed to the sun, for example, then it’s vital to keep those items inside the storage unit during the summer.

Not only will they be blocked from the sun, but the controlled environment will also keep them cool and functional. Overheating can fry electronics and damage valuable items like paintings and heirlooms.

When You Should Use Climate-Controlled Storage

You already had a professional Las Vegas moving company take care of your items to the storage unit. The last thing you need is to leave those items exposed to the harsh weather to become harmed.

Winter is another month that you’ll need controlled storage. The harsh and cold temperatures can have a devastating effect on electronics. Keeping your valuables protected sometimes means storing them in a unit that offers climate control. Old records, computers, gaming systems, and other electronics could be damaged by the cold temperatures.

Freezing temperatures can drain batteries and make it almost impossible to get those valuables started again.

When Not to Use Storage With Climate Control

Outside of the winter and summer months, you can typically do okay without needing a controlled storage unit. The temperatures are usually mild enough that it shouldn’t damage any of your valuables. The unit itself will keep it protected from things like rain and flooding water.

You also don’t need to put your items in a controlled environment if they’re not vulnerable to temperature changes. Your clothes, for example, can likely be kept in a regular storage unit without concern for their degradation. Family photos can also hold up well provided that they are safely secured in a box.