Best Ways to Move If You’re a Member of the Armed Forces in Las Vegas

It’s almost like part of the job description of a military member is moving in Las Vegas. Most Americans will never move more than our esteemed armed forces. Because you’re moving so regularly, it’s often difficult to get comfortable in any single place ― but the job of moving itself becomes somewhat of a reflex. We talked with members of the military in order to give you the best advice for relocating while in the military.

Managing the Move

As many join the service, people often leave most of their items behind for living a bare-bones kind of lifestyle. Moving is usually harder when you need to do it all the time, so minimization helps lower stress and allow the process to be easier as well as using company that provides services for commercial moving in Las Vegas. This sometimes means reducing inventory before a move through selling, donating or trading unnecessary or superfluous items.

“The thing I would do first when my spouse or I heard orders has to be going through the whole house and determining what needs to be packed. Extra belongings would be either donated, given away or sold in garage sales,” a retired Air Force member, Carol Gee, recounts. A military member can use Facebook, Craigslist, Amazon or the huge options and selections of online sources to sell items to others.

PCs and PPM

Moving military members have options as to who takes care of their move when it’s time to relocate to a new base. Previously, as Carol told us, there used to be one choice: the military would take care of the move. This is called a “Permanent Change of Service” (PCS). Some use this term in reference to the military moving process in a more general sense. The military provides members with the opportunity to handle the move themselves. This is termed a “Personally Procured Move” (PPM). It’s sometimes termed a Do It Yourself Move (DITY). Comfortable service men and women often choose the PCS move, but younger and thriftier service member may try to save some money with a PPM.