A Simple Guide to Moving Long-Distance With Pets

Everyone knows that preparation is essential when you are planning a long-distance move. How you’re going to transport your belongings is an important thing to figure out when you’re relocating long-distance. Unfortunately, some belongings, such as pets, are more challenging to transport than others. Despite the challenges, transporting your pet during the move is certainly doable. To help you out, we’ve put together a simple guide to moving long-distance with pets.

Local Laws

It’s understandable to assume that you shouldn’t have to check any laws when you simply want to move your pet from one state or country to another. However, there are stringent laws in place for such instances. Typically, it comes down to specific health certificates for your pet.

Every state has its own requirements regarding the topic, so be sure you know the regulations for your destination. Luckily, the USDA provides a convenient way to learn about such laws online before the big move.

Vet Visits

Take time to schedule one last visit with your vet before moving day. That way, you can gather any final items you’ll need, from medications to records. Likewise, this gives you a chance to talk to an expert about the pet’s potential behavior during the move.

Many pets react negatively to big life changes, such as relocating. Luckily, talking with an expert who knows everything about your pet is a great way to find out the best tactics to ensure a safe, smooth relocation.

Transportation Preparation

As long-distance movers in Nevada, Capitol North American offers secure storage for those items you can’t or simply don’t want to take the day of the big move. Although we can store many items, living things, such as your cute cats and canines, cannot safely sit away in storage. Thus, you must find a way to bring them along carefully.

If you’re driving to your destination, make sure your pet’s cage is in a comfortable, safe spot. Likewise, be sure you have easy access to water and food when necessary. Suffice it to say, bathroom breaks are important to plan, too. Finally, if you plan to stop off at any motels on the way to the new home, it will help to learn about the pet-friendly options along your path.

That said, some folks travel long-distance via plane. If this is the approach you’re taking, contact the airline well in advance to learn their protocols. Remember this simple guide to moving long-distance with pets to ensure an easy-going and efficient adventure when moving day arrives.