5 Items You Can’t Put Into a Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage is a convenient solution for household and office items. That said, not everything you own can go into a storage unit. Some item exceptions will vary by facility, so always reach out to them before making assumptions. However, to give a good idea of what you should expect, let’s discuss the most common items you can’t put into a self-storage unit.

Illegal Items

One of the most important things to know about self-storage is that it’s not for stashing illegal items. Although some belongings you can’t store will vary between facilities, this will remain the same. Remember, storage units aren’t exempt from laws.

Illegal items, from drugs to explosives, are still against the law within the confines of the storage unit. Furthermore, items obtained illegally, such as stolen property, are among the list of things that can’t go into self-storage.

Weapons and Ammunition

Suffice it to say, storing illegal weapons is a big no-no. However, even if you legally own a firearm, that can still present issues. The major concern storage facilities have with weapons is, of course, accidents that can put nearby personnel at risk.

If it substantially increases on-site safety hazards, you likely can’t store it in a rental. Thus, ammunition is also among the most common items you can’t put into a self-storage unit.

Flammable and Combustible Items

As you can see, safety is a big deciding factor in what can and can’t go into self-storage. So given the safety concerns with flammable or combustible items, don’t expect local storage facilities to allow them on-site. Examples of these items include propane tanks, gasoline, grease, acetone, and fireworks.

Toxic Items

If you want to put items for your next science project into storage, you should check with the facility first. After all, toxic materials are a big safety hazard in storage units.

Thus, you’ll find these materials on lists of things that storage units won’t accept. Before assuming you’re in the clear, remember that toxic materials aren’t only for the science lab. Toxic materials you typically can’t store in rentals include acid, paint, and fertilizer.

Living Things

At North American Capitol, we proudly offer household storage in our secure facility. However, some folks might look at the term “household items” more broadly than others. In other words, if you want to store a household plant or lovely pet while you’re on vacation, please think twice.

Plants and pets require consistent care to remain alive and healthy. Luckily, there is still a vast list of household or commercial items you can safely put away in self-storage. When in doubt, always reach out to someone at the storage facility to clarify their limitations.