4 Must-Know Pointers for Moving Office Equipment

Change is a good thing, especially in a work environment. It creates new opportunities for growth, expansion, and success. If your plans for change involve the furniture and other items around the office space, take a look at these four must-know pointers for moving office equipment.

Get Organized

Being organized is key to a successful move, especially one in a professional setting. Moving from one household to another is one thing, but moving to a new office space is a whole different ball game.

Start off with a list of what you do and don’t plan to bring. Make sure you get the dimensions and floor plan of the new location. Design a placement chart for your furniture in the new space that will maintain proper workflow. Start creating this plan at least three months before the move. Finally, start cleaning shifts and get all the paperwork organized and filed away—missing or misplaced paperwork can be devastating.

Notify Your Team

Your team needs to know what’s going on. Once you find the location your office will be moving to, arrange a team meeting informing them of the upcoming change. Getting everyone on the same page will make the process run smoother.

Make sure they organize before the move and notify you if there are current issues with their equipment and furniture. Furthermore, ensure your staff adds the moving date to their schedules so they don’t schedule any meetings or important phone calls that day.

Check In With IT

The IT team plays a crucial role on moving day. They need to know about the location change so they can set up and manage the internet connection, phone service, and new passwords. Notify the IT department at least three months before the move.

This way, they can start planning for upgrades and getting the system together early. Additionally, try and have all the data cabling installed early in the new location. This relieves IT so they can focus on the new equipment and internet connection.

Leave It to the Pros

When in doubt, leave it to the professionals. Office moves are complicated, and you may not want to concern yourself with all the moving parts.

Hiring professionals make the process less stressful because they are skilled and experienced in moving. Here at Capitol North American, we have plenty of experience with office moves. We even provide an office cubicle installation service that cuts the moving time in half. We’re here to cater to the needs of you and your team, so check us out.

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