4 Items You Should Avoid Moving Long Distance

Planning a long-distance move requires a lot of strategizing and organizing. You’ll need to start packing and preparing weeks in advance for the move-in at your new place. And you will certainly require help from friends, family, or professionals. Before you purchase the boxes and start placing your belongings in them, check out these four items you should avoid moving long-distance. 

Bathroom Items

Our first tip for what not to move long distance is basic toiletries. It never makes sense to move your bathroom items during a move, especially a long-distance one. For starters, they don’t travel well, and they will just take up unnecessary space. When it comes to bathrooms, it’s best to start new and fresh. 

Let all your toiletries run out between now and the day you move. Whatever is left over, throw away. Leave your sponges, bath rugs, and shower curtain behind too. You don’t want to unpack them and discover mold or unsightly stains. They will be cooped up in a dark truck for hours during travel.

Old Bedding

Other items on the list of what not to move long distance are old bedding items. One of the biggest packing tips for a long-distance move is that old mattresses and linens don’t travel well either. When it comes to an old mattress, you need to replace it. Putting it through a long-distance trip might make it worse for wear by the time you arrive at your new home. 

Once you start unpacking it, you could notice some tearing or even a few exposed springs. Arrange for a new mattress delivery, and purchase new bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Consider getting some new pillows too so everything is fresh.

Garage Items

Experts will also tell you not to move garage items long distance. The garage is where you store most of your uncared-for items. Over the years it might start to look like a graveyard for forgotten hobbies and old memories. Go through the items in your garage and decide what’s essential. 

You can bring along things like photos and your tools. But items like fertilizer, insect killer, or other hazardous chemicals should not come along. You can’t place these items in storage either because they could potentially cause harm. Try to give these items away or use them up.

Outdated Electronics

Moving electronics long distance can always be tricky. You don’t want to run the risk of damaging them. When it comes to this task, consider leaving it to the professionals. Here at Capitol North American, we have experienced Nevada long-distance movers who will handle your electronics for you. 

For better organization, only include your newer electronics. Things like old stereos, outdated DVD players, desktops, and laptops, should not come with you. Clear out any vital information from old computers and place them on a hard drive. You can either sell or donate the electronics afterward.

We are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to long-distance moves. There are more than just these four items to avoid. Our full-service moving company can walk you through what not to move long distance, saving you time and money. For more information, visit our website.