4 Items That Are Most Likely To Get Lost During a Move

Humans aren’t perfect creatures. We schedule things wrong, have accidents, forget stuff, and are notorious for losing things, especially when relocating homes. Because of the several moving parts, it’s easy for people to become forgetful. But we want to supply you with a cheat sheet. Here are four items that are most likely to get lost during a move. Hopefully, you can save them from their fate.

Chargers and Wiring

Homeowners and movers all know the importance of packing up and protecting electronics. These are the sources of entertainment, and they could hold a lot of vital information. However, once we start packing the devices, we often forget about the chargers and the wiring.

If you do this, you’ll end up packing the devices and wiring in separate boxes. Sometimes homeowners think it’s a good idea to pack all chargers and wires together. This is a fast way to get things tangled and lost. Pack the chargers and wires with the corresponding devices so that everything is easy to find when you unpack.

Seasonal Decorations

Because we really only focus on seasonal items and decorations during the specific times we need them, we don’t pay much attention to them during a move. If you’re moving during the summer, fall and winter decorations and even clothing could get lost.

These items usually end up in storage in the garage, attic, or a miscellaneous closet. There’s not a lot of organization in those places, and it’s easy and convenient for relocators to group them all together without going through them first. Try to go through these items before the move to establish some order and reduce the risk of lost items.


Depending on how many you have in the medicine cabinet, you may find it easier to just toss all medications and other bathroom items inside a box. If you keep them stored on a shelf, the simple solution is a clean swipe across the top. Losing medications is a dangerous accident you never want to create.

There are packing organizers when it comes to bathroom supplies and medications. Take advantage of them and label all boxes in full detail. You need to know the contents of the box. This way, when it’s time to start unpacking, nothing is missing. Keep a checklist of all your medications and the boxes they’re inside.

Important Documents

Important documents are the worst things to lose during a move. However, it’s not uncommon to misplace them. It’s not unheard of for some people to have an unconventional filing system.

If your paperwork is currently unorganized and in a chaotic state, the risk of losing documents increases during the relocation process. Back up all this vital information electronically if you can. You can always rely on the cloud. Keep important documents close to you on the moving day.

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